New repair strategy for inverters

Since January 01, 2015, HEIDENHAIN also has been offering a new repair strategy for the inverters of the series UM, UMC, UE, UEC and UR. The assignment of components to repair packages is much more customer-oriented now. The repair depth was enlarged as well. All current inverters are available in the HEIDENHAIN Service Exchange.

Overview of the repair packages:

Repair package Small Parts

  • Clean the device.
  • Inspect the device.
  • Repair the device.
  • Update hardware and software.
  • Run functional test.

Repair package Function 1

  • As repair package Small Parts
  • Replace defective components (e.g. housing, fan, small PCB).

Repair package Function 2

  • As repair package Function 1
  • Replace defective functional components (e.g. inverter board, power supply board).