Suppliers of the EnDat Master

Texas Instruments

Reference design for the connection of EnDat 2.2 encoders based on components from Texas Instruments (TIDA-00172):

Implementation of EnDat 2.2 based on processors from Texas Instruments:
Texas Instruments is the very first semiconductor company to integrate an EnDAT 2.2 Master in its ARM® CortexTM A9 based Sitara AM437x series as shown in this design:

Implementation of EnDat 2.2 based on C2000 DesignDRIVE processors

Development boards support EnDat 2.2

Various development boards enable implementation of the EnDat interface:

Caribou Board
The EnDat implementation runs on the board's processor. For further details see:

FalconEye motor control reference design

Industrial Networking Kit

Renesas Electronics

Implementation of EnDat 2.2 based on processors from Renesas Electronics

Renesas Electronics announces RZ/T1 series real-time CPUs with integrated EnDat 2.2 master for all sorts of applications in real-time control and industrial communication. (English) (Japanese)

Renesas Starter Kit+ for RZ/T1